Getting Around in Mombasa

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Mombasa transportation facilities offer ease of travel to tourists and locals alike. With some of the most enchanting sites in Africa, Mombasa attracts a number of tourists. Because of its small size, Mombasa which sits on the Kenyan eastern coast touching the Indian Ocean, does not boast an extensive transport grid.

By Air

International flights, particularly to and from Europe, serve the newly renovated Mombasa airport, Moi International Airport. Being Kenya's prime tourist destination, Mombasa boasts one of the best airports in the country.

By Train

There is a regular train service between Nairobi and Mombasa, a 13-hour journey. Travel by train is an exciting experience, as the big game country comes alive and you can see wildlife from very near. There is a dining carriage in the trains where breakfast and lunch are served.

By Bus

Public bus service is the main mode of travel in Mombasa. It is much cheaper than other transport options in the city.  

By Minibus

Matatus, a minibus service run in Mombasa, is a popular mode of travel among tourists and locals alike. Travel at your own risk in Matatus buses, as they remain overcrowded. Moreover, travel by Matatus is cheap; thus do not let yourself be fooled by the driver. It is better to seek advice from your hotel staff about the normal fare charged in Matatus. 

By Taxi

If you love privacy and do not wish to travel by public transport, rent a taxi to travel in Mombasa. You have the advantage of exploring even the unexplored places while traveling by a taxi, which can take you to your desired destination any time. Travel by taxi is quite expensive compared to other modes of transport in Mombasa.

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