Lake Elmenteita Travel Guide

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Lake Elmenteita is a shallow soda lake near Lake Nakuru (about 25 to 28 road kms away from the town), extremely peaceful and serene. The lake is frequented by flamingos and especially pelicans, but you won’t see as many here as Lake Nakuru or Lake Bogoria. This is not a National Park, so you can walk around much of the lake (the Delamere property is strictly off limits however), although there is a whole lot of wildlife.

If you would like to stay, note that the famous - and expensive - former Delamere Lodge has been closed since 2003, and the only hotel is Lake Elmenteita Lodge (# (0367) 5040), which has singles/doubles for US$ 40/80 in the low season, and US$ 110/140 in the high season. The Lake Elmenteita Lodge is not situated on the lakeside itself, but a bit away.

An alternative is the very cheap and very romantic Flamingo Camp where a double-room cottage (suitable for four persons, with hot showers) costs only 3000 KSh for two. The "Sandra Bos cottage" is the nicest of the three. You can get there via matatu (cheap) or via taxi (about KSh 2000 from Nakuru, must be negotiated).  Walking to Flamingo Camp from the main road where you alighted from the matatu, takes about 15-20 minutes, and it is recommended that you enlist the services of a local youngster (often found at the red roadside kiosk) to guide you there and to carry your luggage (usual fee is 50 KSh, and give them some 20-30 Ksh tip, and/or invite them for a soda down at Flamingo Camp).

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