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Nyeri municipality is an urban centre of the larger Nyeri district. It is also is the administrative head quarters for Central Provice, Nyeri district and Municipality division. Its 165 kilometers from Nairobi City the Capital of Republic of Kenya. Nyeri developed as not only as an administrative town but also as an education, tourism, health, financial, agrictural, communication, etc. hub for herself and neighbors. The commercial business district (CBD) is impressive and pose a dynamic reception to visitors.Nyerian are hospitable people and very friendly indeed. Its of important to note that the population is literate and communicate intelligently in English language.

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At the turn of the century, the area around which Nyeri Town stands was in the large part uninhabited forested area although there were agricultural holdings to the west (Tetu), to the northwest (Kihuyo and Ihururu) and to the South from Gatitu. The area towards Kiganjo and northwards was in use by Masai pastoralists. The Town began from military activity in around 1902 where a fort was built for defense purpose. The principal military function lasted up to 1905 but in the interim, Asian traders had been attracted to set up business within the area of relative safety near the more..

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