Nightlife and Entertainment in Nyeri

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Many places to go hang out at night, we have Outspan Hotel, with Kirinyaga Tavern kicking every Friday and Saturday night, dance to new music and old traditional Mwomboko dance, (Native dance by the natives, also called Kikuyu's)

Impala Place just opposite Lord Baden Powell's grave. This is a popular joint for young executives especially over the weekends. It is absolute fun, very good music and kicks well upto late morning hours.

Zebra Pub, is housed in Batian Grand Hotel, downtown Nyeri just off Temple Road, on Gakere Road. A popular joint for teens. Dance to soul, rap and all new music.

Green Hills club is one of the most modernised clubs here in Nyeri, with an underground disco, sound proofed and great light s effects.

A few others were closed, White Rhino, Havana, and Club Ozone

Bhais Bar is located Centrally on Gakere Road, a few floors above Gakere Rd and here you get a great view of the town below from above as you enjoy your drink.

We got Green Oak, a few blocks up on Gakere Road, and many others.

I'd say, Nyeri is the best place you'd be in, with Friendly people, great climate, no wonder the Late Baden Powell (the founder of the Scouts Movement) said,  Closer to Nyeri, Closer to Bliss.


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