Nyahururu (Thomson's Falls) Travel Guide

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Thomson's Falls

Thomson's Falls

M Webster

Nyahururu is one of Kenya’s highest cities, at 2360 m above sea level. Just outside of town lies Thomson’s Falls on the Ewaso Narok River. It falls 72 m, the mist feeding the dense forest below. You can check out the falls from above, or there’s a trail down to the bottom of the ravine. The most common way to reach Nyahururu is from Nakuru, but you can also get here from Nyeri, Nanyuki, or Naivasha. Likewise, all these places can be reached from Nyahururu, including Maralal.

If you’re camping, Thomson’s Falls Lodge charges KSh 300 per person with access to their facitiltes, hot showers, and firewood. If you need a cheap bed, try the Stadium Lodging (# (0365) 22002), which offers singles/doubles with bathrooms for KSh 200/300. There’s also the Nyaki Hotel (# (0365) 2213) which has singles/doubles costing KSh 400/750.

The nicest place in town is the Thomson’s Falls Lodge (# (0365) 22006) over looking the falls. For KSh 1600/2000 you can get a single/double with breakfast, or a triple for KSh 2800.

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