Naro Moru Travel Guide

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Mt Kenya Youth Hostel

Mt Kenya Youth Hostel


Naro Moru is a small town west of Mt. Kenya and is the most common starting point for trekers attempting to climb the mountain. Otherwise, Naro Moru is but a village and there’s no reason to stop here.

There are a few cheap places in Naro Moru town to camp or get a bed. The four hotels charge KSh 150-300 for a bed. The Mt. Kenya Hostel & Campsite is in a good location if your attempting the climb without a safari company. It’s a 12 km walk up the Naro Moru trail, giving you a good head start on the climb, and a day to adjust to the elevation. Camping here is KSh 150 and dorm beds are KSh 200. They have all kinds of facilities, and you can hire guides, porters, and cooks here.

If you want a little luxury before or after the climb, most travelers opt for the Naro Moru River Lodge (# (0176) 62622). The lodge owns all the mountain huts along the rout up the peak, so you need to book ahead here if you’re planning on staying in the huts (which is a very good idea—the ground gets VERY cold towards the top). A night at the Met Station will cost you US$ 8 and a roof over your head at Makinder’s Camp is US$ 11. Accommodations at the River Lodge include campsites, dorm beds, standard rooms and superior rooms. A camp spot with access to bathrooms and showers run US$ 4 and dorm beds are US$ 6. In the low season (11 April to 30 June and 16 September to 15 December) standard rooms are US$ 30/55 for a single/double, and superior rooms are US$ 40/65. In the high season, a standard single/double room costs US$ 72/94 and a superior is US$ 82/114. All rooms come with half board.

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