Day Trips in Embu

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Visitors to the interior Embu can visit the awesome Nthenge Njeru and Mvungu waterfalls near Mukuuri shopping centre, 30 kilometres north of Embu town. There is also a centuries-old cave near the falls, and Kirimiri forest hill ( it has other caves inside) which is historically significant as it served as the hideout for several Mau Mau freedom fighters including the most venerated Embu freedom hero, General Kubu Kubu. There's a modern boarding primary school built nearby in his memory, at the point where colonialists lynched him. All these are in the range of one kilometre from Mukuuri shoppping centre. Visitors will first reach Runyenjes town (20 kilometres from Embu) and hire taxicabs to the sites. The people at Mukuuri are hospitable and will be ready to guide you, but it is polite to part with a token. Please carry your own food and/or refreshments.
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