Top 5 Must Do's in Ivory Coast

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Dance to the beats of Magic System and take in the unique architecture of Le Plateau. The Ivory Coast has been labeled the Paris of West Africa, and with good reason. It is the hub of West Africa’s music scene and the warm smiling people are sure to please. Before crisis hit, the Ivory Coast was regarded as a post-colonial economic miracle. From the basilica to the skyscrapers, the evidence is there to prove it.

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The work of The Humanity Exchange in The Ivory Coast is in Abidjan. While the political capital is located further north in the country, Abidjan is the major hub and economic capital of The Ivory Coast. It is home to approximately five million people. Lagoons and ocean edge along the south side of Abidjan. It is a busy metropolitan city, as you will see from visiting Le Plateau. However, there is also great disparity. There are many cartiers, or neighbourhoods, with varying degrees of poverty. In Abidjan you can complete a medical, human services & childcare, physical labour, education, or community development placement. In addition, you can learn French in Abidjan.

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