Getting Around in Ivory Coast

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Air Ivoire has internal flights several times a week from Abidjan to San Pédro Korhogo and Man. There's a tiny airport tax (about US$2) on domestic flights. All the airports are connected to city centres by bus and taxi. If taking a plane isn't possible the country's large modern buses are cheaper more comfortable and more popular than bush taxis. They're also cheaper than the train. Bush taxis run throughout the country and leave at all hours of the day without fixed schedules. Some are Peugeot sedans others are minibuses.

In addition to the daily Express train between Abidjan and Ouagadougou there's a Rapide that costs about a third less and travels between Abidjan and centrally located Bouaké once a day making several stops along the way. Taxis ply the streets of major cities. Rental cars are most easily found in Abidjan.

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