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In the midst of all this tumult, the Ivoirian government began to move once again toward badly needed changes in education. The first step was a general consultation with hundreds of Ivoirians concerned with all levels of formal education. The results were published in May 1994. Then a reform law for higher education was passed in September 1995. But even before the law was passed there was evidence of physical change at the university. In 1991 and 1992, two new university campuses were established in Abobo-Adjame, a northern Abidjan suburb, and Bouake, the country's second-largest city. In mid-1994 renovations of the physical plant started after years of deterioration. The September 1995 law had the following specific objectives: to professionalize educational and research activities; to optimize the use of human and financial resources; to introduce a contractual system between the state and the various structures of higher education; and to give more autonomy to institutions of higher education

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