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A reasonable selection and high prices characterize the Abidjan hotels. The lowest price accommodations give you water in a bucket. Higher priced hotels offer familiar western style amenities. All the following recommended hotels offer western style.

Golf Hotel Inter-Continental Abidjan

Close to the Ivoire Golf Club and on a lagoon is Golf Hotel Inter-Continental Abidjan. This hotel's exterior is grand in appearance. Rooms are on the smaller side of average with TV, tennis courts, swimming pool and reliable plumbing. There is internet service on selected floors and breakfast was not enough.

Hotel Ivoire Inter-Continental

The German Embassy is within walking distance of the Hotel Ivoire Inter-Continental. This large hotel is a massive complex. On site there is an enormous swimming pool, casino, an ice skating facility, mall, market, nightclub and tennis court. Hotel Ivoire Inter-Continental is state owned and they have not allotted enough money for upkeep. Antiquated rooms should be checked before you check-in as some are better than others.

Hotel Tiama

For a decent hotel with no frills spend the night at the Hotel Taima in Abidjan. The hotel is very nice with clean rooms and bathrooms. The security here is top notch and the guards see to your safety. Once inside you are greeted by a luxurious entry hall. Cold beer at the on site bar makes your stay even better.

Novotel Abidjan

Under its new management this hotel is clean and professional. Centrally located you are at the hub of the Abidjan’s road network. There is not much within walking distance, but it is not safe to walk around anyway.

Ibis Abidjan Marcory

This two star hotel has a distinctive outside appearance. Painted white with red, gold and green stripes all the windows are diamond shaped. Reliable service and cleanliness are what make this hotel a good place to stay. The reasonable price makes the Ibis Abidjan Marcory a great value for the area.

Residence Hoteliere Ivotel

Spacious and comfortable rooms are a highlight of this clean and well-liked Abidjan hotel. Located in downtown it is convenient to restaurants and bars. Internet and satellite TV are free. Rooms come with or without kitchenettes.

African Queen Lodge

This pleasurable hotel is a good, small, privately-owned resort in Assinie, just outside of Abidjan. It is a great weekend getaway. Run by a French national the generous size of the rooms will pleasantly surprise you. The restaurant is good but the service is slow if you don’t order your food in advance. The beach can be reached by a motorboat shuttle. Consult the staff for safety recommendations at the beach. There are dangerous and potentially fatal riptides.

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