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There are lots of opportunities for a great Abidjan Shopping spree in this city of the Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivorie. There are many shopping centers and shopping malls which offer variety of items and goods ranging from the high prices to the cheap. The best opportunity for buyers is in the markets of Abidjan which possess marvelous varieties of textile, jewelry, masks, pottery, woodcarvings, and musical instruments.

Adjame Market

It is situated on Boulevard Abrogoua in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire. All types of items are sold here including man-made textiles in different attractive colors. People who are residents of Abidjan love to shop in the local markets and tourists seem to do so as well. This is because people can find good quality products at very low prices. Different gift items can be purchased very cheaply.

Plateau Market

This market is situated at Avenue Delafosse Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire. It offers excellent and great shopping in variety of items like food, household items, textiles and electronics. At this place not only the local residents are seen but also many of the foreigners and visitors do their shopping and buy anything from souvenirs to food. 

This market offers items for all type of customers and prices range from high to low according to the quality of the items. Plateau Market is considered the business place of Abidjan and a person can find many boutiques, restaurants and cafés as well. This market is a hub for bussines travelers.

Cocody Market

It is situated in Abidjan at Boulevard de France between Rue Washington and Boulevard des Martyrs. This is also a fantastic place to purchase goods. The second floor of market houses showrooms for artwork in bronze, malachite and wood. This market offers a variety of items including cloth, ornaments, and household items at very affordable prices.

Flea Market

There is a giant flea market near Boulevard de Republic in Le Plateau. Here one can find a good collection of Western music and movies. This is a great place for tourists to visit because they can find used items and brand new products which are sold at very cheap rates. This market is visited by people who want to buy some original products at reasonable prices. This flea market also offers a good opportunity for tourists to buy local art.

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