Things to do in Abidjan

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You might want to add these Abidjan Things to Do to your existing things to do list. You probably have heard and read in websites and travelogues about Abidjan that it is the ‘Paris of Africa’ and a unique holiday destination. It is also a major business and travel center. Talking about the activities, there are plenty of things to do in Abidjan, the sparkling city. Tourists can enjoy music, festivals, dance, beauty pageants, etc. here. Festival of Urban Dances, Climbie beach festival, International Comics Festival and other festivals appeal to tourists a lot.

Explore Business Hubs of Abidjan

Some nice places like Cocody and Les Plateaux are the main tourist attractions. These areas have luxury hotels, skyscrapers, elegant villas and lavish green golf courses. Les Plateaux is compared to Manhattan and is the main business hub. This main center has shops and restaurants for spending leisurely moments.

Shopping spree

The whole city is a wonderful shopping destination. You can find tourists buying things everywhere. You can buy stuff from stalls or even from small cabins. There are people selling stuff sitting on the ground. You can even buy things from a collection of products in bowls. You can find innumerable stalls here selling wooden sculptures, wooden and bamboo beds, tam-tam drums, and so on. You can buy these beautiful souvenirs at very cheap cost but only when you know the right bargaining tricks.

St. Paul Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral lying at the north of Les Plateaux is a major landmark. Also Treichville is worth a visit. Antiques made of shells and wood, carved masks, jewelry, clothes, etc., are also the best buys here. Cocody, another nice place, has much to offer. The beaches located at Grand Bassam are appealing and pretty cool. Tourists can be found swimming near the shore and enjoying massive waves.

How to Explore the City

Abidjan has wonderful transportation services and you can find bus stations at short distances open at night. These bus stations can be easily traced and accessed. The atmosphere is also very friendly here and people can be found guiding tourists to the bus stations for different destinations.

Dining and Staying

Les Plateaux is bit costly but you can get budget hotels to stay in. For dining, Treichville and Marcory are best. People here are very friendly and help tourists in finding places. These areas have loads of cheap hotels for eating. Tourists can experience pleasant moments in Abidjan and definitely will like to come again to see the sun-kissed beaches and lush green golf courses.

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Hotel Ivoire

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The fee for non residents is 3000 CFA.

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Forum Golf

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For 3500 CFA you can have a swim in this pool.

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Ivoire Golf Club

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After sightseeing and taking in the cultural aspects of the city duffers will enjoy the links at the international-standard Ivoire Golf Club (27 holes).

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