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Master bedroom en-suite

Master bedroom en-suite

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An Abidjan travel guide is what you need if you will be traveling to the former capital of the Ivory Coast. There are numerous things that you can do in this French-speaking city.  So, arm yourself with a French dictionary and this guide before heading off to Abidjan.


Traveling in Abidjan is expensive, so if you want to save on your travel expenses, make sure that you ride the bus. However, most buses in Abidjan do not leave on time. If you want to get a hold of your time, you can spend a bit more by getting a car rental service which usually includes a knowledgeable driver that can double up as your guide to take you to the scenic sites of the city.

Perfect for all Tourists

Vacationing in Abidjan is perfect for all types of tourists. Family vacationers will have plenty of things to do in the beaches, skyscrapers and rainforest reserve of the city. Adults can also partake in a wheel of fortune inside the numerous casinos that the city has. The various things to do in the city will keep you occupied right through your vacation.


Abidjan is filled with several excellent hotels. You can stay in the Ibis Plateau or the Pullman which are considered world-class hotels. The great thing about these hotels is that you can get superb accommodations at cheap prices. The accommodations in these hotels range between $100 and $300.

Attractions in Abidjan

The city is surrounded by bodies of water; thus, Abidjan is a perfect place to go fishing and swimming. There are a lot of villages along the coast where you can rent a boat and just cast your fishing line in the water or you can go swimming.

You can also head off to the markets in Treichville. Tourists find the different produce such as the fruits and vegetables sold in Treichville fascinating. You will see different varieties of bananas and plantains in the markets of Abidjan. You can also sample exotic foods like snails and bush rats.

Aside from this, the city has its rainforest reserve, the Parc National du Banco, where you can go trekking and be amazed with its majestic trees and sparkling lake. However, there is little wildlife in the reserve.


Le Plateau is the city’s business hub where chic boutiques and al fresco cafes are to be found. The place is much frequented by business travelers. If you are looking for a good place to shop, you will be able to find several places here that offer excellent items for sale.


Abidjan is the commercial capital of Ivory Coast. In recent years the city has become run down, dirty and crime is common place. There are numerous police stop points set up to 'check paperwork' but are there to extort money from drivers and passengers. Failing to carry a passport will result in a fine.

The wealthier parts of town: Le Plateau, Cocody and les Duex Plateaux, are ok by day, but Le Plateau is especially dangerous at night and under no circumstances should you walk around the area.

Abidjan offers a wide choice of restaurants which can be good. There are a few sights worth checking out, the most important one being the Hotel Ivoire. The best hotel with 'western' standards of service and comfort is the Pullman, which used to be the Sofitel.


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