When to Go in Guinee Conakry

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Find out about Guinee Conakry when to go for a summer holiday. See beautiful, sandy beaches, bask in the sun and travel through Guinea Conakry's lush forests. Rich bright colors, fruit and vegetables ripened in the sun, and a natural heritage with exceptional charm is what you can expect from Guinea Conakry. Situated in Africa, discover Guinee Conakry and see a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Snow in Guinee Conakry

Different heritages and cultures celebrate life with dances, traditions, artists, and so much more to fascinate you. Visit Guinee Conakry when the country is filled with snow, covering the beautiful land and blanketing the forests.

Rainy Season

Look to travel to Guinee Conakry all throughout the year. Rainy seasons in Guinee Conakry may prevent you from seeing a lot of the outdoors when visiting. Plan to go around this season from June to November. If you travel to Guinee Conakry during the rainy season you can see high monsoonal type rains.

Dry Season

Journey to Guinee Conakry during the dry season (from December to May) for the best visit possible. Lie on the warm beaches and bask in the sun to enjoy a visit through the dry season. Enjoy the sun and paths to bike upon throughout the land. See the natural wonders that Guinee Conakry has to offer with mountains, rivers, lush forests, and ancient buildings to explore.

Festival of Nimba

March is the time you would want to visit Guine Conakry to see the festival of Nimba, also known as the Goddess of plenty. During the harvest season a festival is held when Nimba’s mask is paraded throughout the country. Even though there is an influence of Christianity and Islam, the people of Baga respect the ritualism and traditions of the sacred forest.

Road Travel Times and Markets

Biking the roads of Guinee Conakry is recommended. The roads can be rough if you are planning to travel by vehicle. Unless you are adventurous and don't mind bumping along, car rentals are available. Visit the village markets, especially the one at Koundara. Fruits and vegetables heighten the visit by tasting what Guinee Conakry has to offer.

Hiking up to Mount Nimba is a day's journey. Tour guides are available to help you. Hiking in the dry season is recommended. Seeing the rolling green hills and flat lands of Guinee Conakry is exciting during this season.

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