Top 5 Must Do's in Guinee Conakry

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Guinee Conakry is a country located in West Africa and is formerly known as French Guinea. Guinee Conakry must do's range from cave exploration to hiking in the highlands, as this is a land of fascinating geographical areas and beautiful scenery. Popular must do's in Guinee Conakry include:

1. Explore the Kakimbon Caves

Located in the village of Ratoma are the Kakimbon caves which hold many interesting legends as well as religious importance by the local Baga people. Considered a sacred place by locals, visitors can explore the scenic caves and learn of the many riveting stories and legends the Kakimbon Caves is known for.

2. Discover the Îles de Los

Îles de Los is a group of islands lying off Conakry that consists of 3 main islands: Roume, Kassa, and Tamara. It is here travelers can relax on the beaches of the islands and soak up the sun. The Ile de Kassa is where visitors can go and experience a lively and vibrant atmosphere, particularly on the weekends. Conveniently, the Îles de Los can be reached by boat from the mainland and can make an excellent intimate retreat.

3. Hike in the Fouta Djallon

The Fouta Djallon is known as the land of waters, fruit, faith, and freedom and is a popular area for hiking and backpacking. The highlands of the Fouta Djallon are famous for their scenic hills and picturesque terrain and consist of primarily rolling grasslands. The highest point in the highlands is known as Mount Loura, which rises to 1,515 meters. It is also a green and lush area due to the heavy rainfall it receives during the year. The Fouta Djallon is sometimes referred to as the "Water tower of West Africa" because it is home to 3 major rivers- the Niger, the Gambia, and the Senegal.

4. Shop in Katikan and Kindia

The town of Katikan is noted for its many open air markets and is a place where visitors can find interesting local keepsakes. This is a great place for travelers to spend the day exploring the numerous markets and unique souvenirs. In addition, located outside of Conakry is the town of Kindia, known for its cloth and weaving products. In Kindia, visitors can stop by an indigo dyeing center and the cloth market that resides within the town.

5. Admire Le Voile de la Mariée

Le Voile de la Mariée is a beautifully scenic river located in Guinee Conakry and is a place where tourists can enjoy the rich green surroundings. The river itself is overlooked by a 230 foot rock and joins the River Sabende. This a lovely place to sit back and admire the beauty of West Africa and of Guinee Conakry.

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