Senior Travel in Guinee Conakry

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Though still not considered a tourist destination, Guinee Conakry senior travel has many alluring points and can be rewarding. This port and capital city offers many great sights, along with nice accommodations and great food to make your trip here worth the extra time and travel that it takes to arrive.

Senior Travel to Guinee Conakry

Seniors can have a great time in Guinee Conakry whether part of a tour group or traveling independently. There are several tours that offer multi-country packages with a stay in Guinee Conakry. Because the country does not have a large tourism sector, this may be the best option for those seniors that do not have much of an adventurous spirit. The tour group will arrange for transfers between cities as well, which can be particularly helpful if you plan on traveling throughout the country or to several countries as part of your vacation. However, if you would like to plan your own trip, you will find that traveling to Guinee Conakry independently can be accomplished with some simple planning in advance and some work once you arrive.

Senior Activities in Guinee Conakry

Once of the most relaxing things to do in Guinee Conakry is to do as the locals do and take a boat over to the Iles de Los and spend the day. This small group of islands is the best place around for enjoying some time on the beach and offers pristine and calm waters perfect for swimming.

Another place of interest is the National Museum. The National Museum contains a nice selection of both religious, and secular items, like masks, and offers a great look at the culture and history of the city and country.

Active seniors will love the great hiking in the area. Head north to Fouta Djalon's green hills and impressive peaks for a fantastic trekking adventure.

Accommodations for Seniors in Guinee Conakry

There are several nice hotels in Guinee Conakry that offer the amenities and services that seniors are used to at home. Novotel Ghi Conakry, Hotel del Niger, and Le Meridien Mariador Palace are among the best hotels in the city and will allow you to have a great experience when visiting Guinee Conakry. Rates at these hotels start at $150 a night.

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