Practical Information in Guinee Conakry

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Guinee Conakry is a fascinating country that sits in West Africa. Traveling within this country can be a challenge as the roads are not in the best shape. Even so, the struggle can be well worth it, as Guinee Conakry is a land of astounding scenery and unlimited sights to explore. Some Guinee Conakry practical information is provided below.


Euros, US dollars and West African CFA francs are changed easily, and rates are normally best in Conakry. Usually black-market dealers give the best rates and some may take travelers checks. The Bicigui bank branches advance cash from Visa cards in most areas, and its central branch in Conakry offers an ATM that takes Visa cards.


Visas are always required, with the exception of the Economic Community of West Africa State countries, Tunisia and Morocco. The average cost of visas are US$25 to US$50. Visas cannot be obtained upon arrival, and visas issued in Africa are usually good for 3 months. 


The population of Guinee Conakry is approximately 10,211,400. Conakry is the country's capital and is the center of Guinee Conakry's commerce, economy, education and culture.

The population of Guinee Conakry contains about 24 different ethnic groups, with the Fulani making up 40% of the population. Other ethnic groups include the Mandinka, Soussou, Kissi, Kpelle and non-African groups.

Approximately 85% of the population is Muslim. Other religions within the country include Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and others.

Language Spoken

French is the official language of Guinee Conakry. Other languages spoken include Maninka, Pular, Susu, Loma, Kissi and Kpelle.

Health and Safety

Guinee Conakry is generally a safe country to visit, but crime has been on the rise in Conakry and tribal brawls are known to occur in the Forest Region on occasion. It is wise not to travel at night as armed robbery has increased in the south.

Running water, phones and electricity all have irregular service. The majority of hotels have generators, but they usually do not operate at night in low budget hotels. 


Guinee Conakry offers many different types of restaurants and cookeries. You can dine on traditional African cuisine or other varieties such as Italian, American, Chinese, Asian, French, Russian and European foods. Restaurant prices range from affordable to high priced and many offer outdoor eating and entertainment.


Guinee Conakry features mostly a Tropical monsoon climate, and has a wet season and a dry season. The dry season is influenced by the harmattan between December and April, and because of this, very little precipitation occurs during this time. In contrast, the wet season experiences a very large amount of precipitation.

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The local currency is the Guinea Franc (GNF)

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