History in Guinee Conakry

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Guinee Conakry History

Guinee is located in West Africa and its capital is Conakry. It is linked to mainland by a causeway. Conakry is the biggest city in Guinee and it is Guinee's financial and economical hub. A large percentage of Guinee's population live in Conakry.

French Occupation

Guinee was originally sparsely populated and people lived in villages. During the 15th century, Guinee began trading with various colonial powers. During this time western settlements began to develop in Guinee. Guinee came under the rule of various empires until it was colonized by the French in 1891. In 1898, Samory Toure attempted to overthrow the French government but he was defeated. Guinee was incorporated into French West Africa in 1906 and was referred to as French Guinee. During this time the city grew in wealth due to export through its port and railroad facilities. In current times, the port still plays a pivotal role in Guinee's economy with exports including bananas and alumina. In the 1950's there was further industrialization in Guinee with the development of iron mining.


After World War II, colonial empires began to lose their power and France offered Guinee the option of being a part of the commonwealth or becoming independent. Ahmed Toure chose for Guinee to be independent from France. In 1958, Guinee was declared independent with Sekou Toure as president. In 1965 Sekou Toure broke all Guinees ties to France. In 1984 Sekou died and Lansana Conte and Diarra Traore took power over Guinee. In 1985 Traore 's title changed from prime minister to education minister resulting in Traore staging a coup to regain power.


Elections were held in 1993 and Conte was voted as president. In 1995, Conte's party gained the majority of seats of the National Assembly.


In 2008 Conte died and the military took power over Guinee. Camara headed the military and took control of the country. There were violent attacks on any protesters. In 2009 Camara was shot and had to leave the country for medical treatment. Sekouba Konte took over rule while Camara was away. At the beginning of 2010 it was promised that the military would step down from rule and elections would be held. Jean-Marie Dore was given power by the military until the new president was elected to take over.

Historical Attractions

The Guinee National Museum is a good place to learn more about Guinee's fascinating history.

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