Getting There in Guinee Conakry

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Do you want to know more about Guinee Conakry getting there travel plans? Plenty of flights exist from France to Guinee Conakry. Since it has been a French colony, obtaining its independence in 1958, France is one of the major stops along to Guinee Conakry. Guinea Conakry is still recovering from this rigorous colonialism.

Flights to Guinea Conakry

Flights come here regularly via Cie Sud Air Transport. Planes from Conakry fly to Brussels on Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year. Catch an Air France plane to Guinee Conakry from Paris. This flight is offered several days throughout the week year round.

Air France and SN Brussels are virtually the only 2 airlines that offer service to Guinee Conakry that are not African based. Plan to obtain tickets through one of these airlines when planning travel. Checking the European Commission Transport for Air travel is recommended. Keep abreast of the news in Conakry for flight information.

Road Travel

Prefer traveling by car or bus? You can come to Guinea by road when buying tickets for the bus. Servicing Conakry includes 2 significant ways by bus or taxi. Bambeto road is paved so it is easier to ride along using a bus. The bush taxis use Matam, which is a busier way to travel. Tourists are typically dropped off at the main road. Arrange with the driver ahead of time for extra francs to drop you off at the hotel.

Cars are available to rent from many of the major hotels. Chauffeurs are available to ease the commute throughout the region. Travel agencies also offer car rentals in Guinee Conakry and cars can be booked in advance.

Bicycles along the road are mostly encouraged. Local bicycle rentals or shops are available. Renting a bike to get around Guinee Coankry is advised since the roads are mainly unpaved. Deep potholes and other hazards can restrict car travel.

Boat Travel

If you want to come here by boat, you can come to Conakry from Sierra Leone (Freetown) and go back the same way. Pirate attacks have been prevalent throughout the ports of Guinee Conakry. Extra caution should be taken when traveling to and from this region.

Political Situation News

The political situation in this area is rather dicey. Monitoring the news of Guinee Conakry is advised. Being up to date on the information surrounding incidents in this region is recommended. Travel to Guinee Conakry is recommended only if absolutely necessary at this time. There have been numerous incidents upon tourists as mentioned from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Planning to visit Guinee Conakry should be well planned, keeping the news' details in mind.

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