Festivals in Guinee Conakry

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Even though Africa has been through many hard changes in the past years, the spirit that is still alive can be witnessed by watching their Guinee Conakry Festivals. Africa is made up of around twenty four ethnic groups, yet during times of festivals they all seem to put aside any differences and enjoy their similarities. Most of the festivals center on cultural themes specific to their country. Not too many international forums are on display here unless it pertains in some way to the French. The main festivals are primarily held in Conakry rather than any of the other cities in the country.

Cultural Festivals
KIINI AFRIKA or Festival des Arts de Conte
If drama festivals are what you enjoy, then this display of classic Guinea drama will please you. For a week, you are entertained by a large assortment of wordsmiths. The streets are filled with storytellers and journalists reciting their works. People gather in groups to partake in debates or to indulge in other oratory practices. Conferences and workshops are held in large buildings. It is quite informal in most respects and anyone can participate. The festival is usually held during the last week of April.

Macao Arts Festival

Of all the festivals in this amazing country this has to be the most spectacular. It is centered on an old legend of a hunter finding a drumming monkey. He captures the monkey and steals his djembe. Upon returning to his village the sound of the drum makes him a hero in the eyes of his people. To celebrate this event, a circus is performed. The circus is a blend of circus acts ingrained with native traditions. Usually about 20 acrobats, dancers, jugglers, musicians climb up a huge baobab. It is in this tree structure that the artists perform traditional dances and stunts for the people. This event is considered to be the most exciting in Conakry.

Festival International Kora et Cordes de Conakry

This music festival is considered to be Conakry‚Äôs largest musical gathering of the year. Anywhere you go you will see all styles of music being played by all sorts of musicians. Platforms are built on the streets to support larger bands. Yet, you will experience natives set up all throughout the venues having a great time playing. Mostly, the music style has some roots in their native country, while a few French tunes are played here and there. The festival starts at the beginning of December and runs for several days.    

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