Family Travel Ideas in Guinee Conakry

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Guinea Conakry family travel is advised if all of you have an adventurous spirit. Guinea Conakry is not only a country, but is also the capital city of Guinea. Looking for exotic African cities, as well as ports overlooking the Atlantic Ocean? Guinea Conakry is the place to go.

Entertaining Dance and Music

People who are used to the Internet, the telephone, running water and electricity are definitely not going to find them in Conakry. Nevertheless, you are going to find plenty of fun and games going deep in the night with musical instruments, song and dance in all the cities and towns of Conakry. So, if you are interested in Guinea Conakry family travel, escape from the everyday pressures of life and electronics to dance and be entertained by the local performers. Guinea Conakry is guaranteed to provide entertainment for everyone in your family.

Local Attractions and Markets

Walk down the Avenue de la Republique and see the nightclubs and the markets where you are going to get really good bargains. Remember to visit the National Museum because the children are definitely going to be fascinated with the statues and masks, as well as the musical instruments. Entry is completely free. Learn about the history and culture of the people of this region of Africa through viewing the exhibits available throughout the year.

Palaces and Mosques

Visit the OAU Palace, and perhaps you can see the president whose office is currently located within the building. Apart from that, you need to see St. Mary's Borderland, the grand Mosque of Conakry. 

Natural Bounty

Look at all the natural bounty which Conakry has to offer you. Visit the Soumba waterfalls and have a picnic there. Then plan to visit Dubreeka and watch the flora and fauna as you walk by. See the botanical garden as well as have fun on the sun-filled beaches. Do not forget to visit Iles des Los, which is supposed to be the tropical paradise of Guinea Conakry. You can get here by boat. Robert L. Stevenson's "Treasure Island" was based on Roume Island. You need to have a mosquito net and quinine tablets with you, especially if you are traveling with children. Remember to boil the water before you drink it or drink fresh juices after you have washed the fruit thoroughly! Take this advice into mind when planning Guinea Conakry family travel adventures.
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