Conakry Travel Guide

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Conakry is the capital of Guinee Conakry and is located at the tip of a narrow peninsula. The centre of town is right at the end of the peninsula. Because of the fact that the city has expanded quite fast in recent years it can take quite some time to get from the centre to the outskirts. The main axis in town is called the Avenue de la Republique in the centre, changes its name into Route du Niger and later into Autoroute if you move further to the north.

There are not a lot of real sights in Conakry. There is the Palais de l'OUA where the cancelled OUA of 1984 would have been held, had president Toure not died. Accross the streets are 50 moorish style villas where the presidents of the African countries would have stayed. The National Museum is probably the best museum in the country, but don't expect too much. There are some masks, statues and muscial instruments on display. Entrance is free.

South of Conakry the Iles de los are a group of islands that are ideal places to relax, swim and tan. Boats leave from behind the Novotel.

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