Budget Travel Ideas in Guinee Conakry

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Many travel to Guinea for Conakry budget travel. Many things in Guinea Conakry are free to explore. People visiting Conakry realize the great option they chose traveling on a budget. Many people can see the beautiful sights including beaches, cliffs, and many more natural wonders there are to see when journeying to Guinea Conakry.

Beaches and Isles

The beaches of the Isles de Loos offer fine sand beaches that you can rest your toes into. Isles de Loos is a natural beauty featuring the coastal waves in Conakry. The coasts of Sobané, Marara Bel Air, and Konkouré are also natural wonder beaches that many tourists are discovering. Visit the Isles of Alcatraz as well as Tristao along the coasts of Conakry. Admission to the beaches is free and have much to offer with tanning, sports and activities.

Cliffs of Guinea Conakry

"Smoking Dog" Cliff at Dubreka, located at the foot of Mount Kakulima, is great for Conakry budget travel. See the remains of the place where the former heads of state lived in this ex-French colony. Traveling to these places costs next to nothing for visitors and may even feature free entry. Adventure and exploration await you in your Conakry budget travel options with these ideas for travel adventure.

Natural Views to See

Conakry features many beautiful natural views to visit and enjoy in this region of Africa. See the calm rivers, described by the French explorer, Count de Sanderval. While his description of Conakry was indeed extensive, visit the mountains that he mentions as

'welcoming.' Forests throughout Conakry offer the gateway to lively dancing and creatures known to the Conakry region. Viewing the natural wonders that Conakry budget travel offers is a great price since it is complimentary to tourists to see. Visiting Conakry offers memorable occasions exploring the outdoors of what this land has to offer.

Ancient City of Kimandou

See the very famous Bridge of Vines on the river Diani. which is absolutely free! Situated at Seredou, the ancient city of Kimandou stands representing an ancient civilization. Western Africa flourished during the time that the civilization was around in this region of Conakry. Take part in reliving their heritage through touring the ancient city of Kimandou.

Mount Nimba

Pay respects to the Goddess Nimba on her abode in Mount Nimba. Dominating the most beautiful natural forest in West Africa, Mount Nimba waits for you to explore. See the indigenous viviparous toads, unique to Conakry, and chimpanzees within this area of Africa. The cost is low and the memorable pictures can be everlasting.

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