Guinee Conakry Travel Guide

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La Plage du Gouverneur (en fond : La Villa Elijah)

La Plage du Gouverneur (en fond : La Villa Elijah)

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The following Guinee Conakry travel guide will enable you to enjoy your trip to the maximum.

Things to Do

Guinea Conakry is also known as Guinea or Republic of Guinea. This West African country is a popular tourist destination. Guinee is famous for its popular nightlife and hangouts. The beach bar in Taouyah is a popular tourist hot spot in Guinee Conakry. This particular neighborhood is surrounded with restaurants and night clubs. You can spend some quality time at the restaurants amidst live music performed by local artists. Guinee is also known for its world renowned Kora players. Do visit bars that offer live music performed by Kora players.

You can get a glimpse of Guinee culture by visiting the French-Guinean Cultural Center. It is known for its musical shows, movie screenings and exhibitions. You can interact with the expats and local musicians at the French-Guinean Cultural Center. If you are looking for some adventurous activities then you can embark on a hiking trip to the Foutah Djallon. Custom hiking trips are available here ranging from 3 to 5 days.

Places to Visit

A trip to Guinee Conakry is incomplete without a visit to the National Museum which will provide you with a glimpse of the Guinean culture. The museum also houses several traditional instruments and masks. You can also enjoy a 1-day trip to the Loss Islands. Previously used as a slavery base, these islands have several sandy beaches. Some of the other popular destinations include the National Park of the Upper Niger and Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve. The National Park of Upper Niger is popular with tourists and encompasses an area of 6000 square km. You can explore the Savannah forests in this region. The park is also known for the vast number of chimpanzees and other exciting wildlife.

Shopping Excursions

Guinee is a popular shopping destination and offers a huge collection of local clothes. You can also purchase decorative items like masks, wood statues and drums in the local markets. Traditional clothing is usually available outside major hotels. Remember to bargain or negotiate as the locals are known to charge exorbitant rates. Madina is the largest and most popular market in Guinee Conakry. Beware of pickpockets as they take advantage of the chaotic and crowded situation. You can purchase electronic goods for reasonable prices in Madina. You can hire the services of a local to carry your shopping bags. It will cost you around $1.


Guinee Conakry is also known for its restaurants. Dining is considerably cheaper in Guinee as a dinner usually costs around 20,000 Guinean Francs which translates to around $4. Do not forget to taste the local delicacies when in Guinee Conakry. Beef is popular with tourists. Lebanese restaurants are also available in Guinee Conakry and are known for their European breakfasts. You can also try the local dishes outside the capital, Conakry. A local dish will consist of beef, Guinean rice along with variety of sauces. Guinean locals are rather hospitable and if you are lucky, they might invite you over for a dinner.


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