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"Paragem", The road in the capital of the country, Bissau (2004)

"Paragem", The road in the capital of the country, Bissau (2004)

Douglas Amaral

Piquinino na tamanho - garandi na fama. Guinea-Bissau's motto translates as "Small in size - big in reputation." On the West African coast, wedged in between Senegal and Guinea-Conakry, Guinea-Bissau is about the size of Switzerland and has just 1.1 million people. Small size is undisputed, but Guinea-Bissau's big reputation is still developing. As a former Portuguese colony, surrounded by former French colonies, and a mainly animist country surrounded by majority Muslim countries, Guinea-Bissau's unique, laid back character is a treat for those traveling through West Africa. Although there are beautiful beaches, fantasy tropical islands, and fishing and hunting, the main attraction in Guinea-Bissau is the people.

Eating Mangoes in Suzana

Guinea-Bissau is just recovering from a war, which shattered the country from June of 1998 until May of 1999. The international airport reopened in July, and all major land borders have reopened. Life in the countryside, and even the capital Bissau, where most fighting was centered, has normalized. Even as people struggle to rebuild and cope with post-war inflation, the dance clubs have reopened, and traditional festivities continue. A transitional civilian government is in place, and elections will take place November 28, 1999.

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