When to Go in Ghana

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Important information about Ghana when to go can help tourists plan their vacation. Ghana has a warm climate, which makes it conducive to nature tripping and sightseeing. The two seasons in Ghana are the dry and wet seasons. The country is rich with natural biota that interested people can explore. The wild open fields, mountains, mangroves, waterfalls, rivers, beaches and coastlines are exciting places to visit.

Wet Season

This is the rainy season starting from March to November. It gets to be soaking wet during this season where African strong rains are quite a formidable experience. The rains come in torrents and flooding is not uncommon. You can visit local attractions during rainy season because of heavy downpours. Ghana becomes unfriendly for tourists during these wet months.

Dry Season

The best time to travel to Ghana is summer, starting from December to April. Although it is humid during this time, at least you will not experience the heavy downpours. August and September are festival months, where popular local events are held like the Homowo, Akwasidei and Deza. You may want to visit during these months to watch these colorful festivals. You can also visit South Ghana during July and August because the rainy season will stop for awhile. You can go to the wonderful beaches or trek to the rivers and waterfalls for some encounter with the wild and the natural forces around you. This is also the football season with Ghana’s football team, The Black Stars, competing in international football games.

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