Upper West Travel Guide

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To the north west of Ghana is the less well travelled region of the Upper West.

It's capital is Wa which has the impressive Wa Naa's Palace.

Further north are Jirapa, Lawra and Nandom all of which have vibrant markets and plenty of Pito bars.

The local brew in the north is Millet Beer - "Pito". Brewed and drunk within a 3 day period it is certainly an experience to the unaccustomed drinker! (it continues to ferment after drinking....) The locations will change by day, howevver they can be identified from the groups sitting on benches outside houses. It is worth stopping as the Ghanaians will be very welcoming to visitors.

Lawra is famous for its music festival in October, Kobine (pronounced "Kó-bin-ah"). Lasting for four days it is a great time to visit.



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