Top 5 Must Do's in Ghana

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In pre-colonial times, Ghana was inhabited by several ancient kingdoms followed by the Europeans. All these colonies have contributed to the rich heritage of Ghana. A combination of rich and ancient cultural heritage, serene beaches and amazing wildlife makes Ghana one of Africa’s most modern tourist spots and Ghana’s must do’s are something that you should not miss.

Apart from historical buildings and thriving flora and fauna, Ghana offers its tourists several must do’s. Given below are 5 of them:

1.    Mole National Park

If you enjoy safaris and spending time with wildlife, then visit Mole National Park, Ghana’s largest wildlife reserve. The park is located on grassland savannah and can be reached through the city of Larabanga. Home to over hundreds of varieties of flora and fauna there are several tourist activities arranged for tourists. You can choose form the various safaris like the foot safari or the driving safaris. If you are not up for a safari, then you can spot wildlife while relaxing at the viewing platform that overlooks the waterhole. Once you are done with your safari and watching, spend the rest of the day at the swimming pool lazing around.  

2.    Cape Coast Castle

If you like visiting castles and old architecture, you must visit Cape Coast Castle. Originally built by the Swedish traders, it was later conquered by the British and rebuilt in the late 18 th century. This castle was originally built for gold and timber trade and was later used for slave trade. It went on to become the seat of the British Colonial Government. Enjoy the ancient architectural beauty and visit the museum housed in one of the castle wings. You can also enjoy the guided tours available here, which will take you through the history of Cape Coast. Cape Coast Castle is a World Heritage site. You can also visit the two forts in the neighboring town of Elmina. You cannot rush through the attractions at Cape Coast, so plan your travel such that you have ample time to spend here soaking in the rich heritage of this place.

3.    Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum alternatively known as the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is the resting place of Ghana’s first president Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The memorial park was created in his honor for his efforts in freeing Ghana from the colonial rule. Behind the Mausoleum is the museum which contains his personal belongings, publications and pictures depicting his entire life.

4.    Lake Volta

Lake Volta is the largest man-made reservoir in the world. The river Volta feeds the lake through the Akosombo Dam. Ghana’s most attractive gifts are the lagoons, the hills and valleys overlooking the lake. The Akosombo Dam is also a must visit. It is the largest electricity generator in Ghana. If you like to fish then Lake Volta offers several fishing excursions and various water sports are made available to you through the various vacation resorts in the area. If you like to explore places then take up a cruise on the lake and enjoy the stunning view of the green scenery and the vast expanse of Lake Volta while on this cruise.  

5.    La Pleasure Beach

If you want to soak up some sun and enjoy a day on the beach, you must visit La Pleasure Beach in Accra, the capital of Ghana. This is one of the most popular and tidy beaches in Accra. The beach is attached to the backside of a number of luxury hotels, thus allowing access to food and drinks. You can also enjoy some of the favorite pastimes of tourists on this beach like horseback riding, beach volleyball, sand-bathing and swimming in the sea.

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