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overview on Tamale

overview on Tamale

Ragna Meul

Tamale, the capital city of the Northern Region,  has a population of 1.2 million and is the fastest growing city in West Africa. There are various methods available to travel from Accra to Tamale:

1- By air:YTou can find many different types of planes throughout the week to move between the cities.

2- By vehicle: There are many different kinds of vehicles that travel daily to the city, Government vehicles, private, and commerical.

3-By train:  You  can  go  to  the city by train, but the nearest stop is at Kumasi which far from the city, about four to five hours journey.

Tamale is now classified as the third largest city in Ghana, and is the fastest growing city in West Africa. It's size classifies Tamale as a metropolis.

There are many interesting places to visit in Tamale and it surrounding areas.

There are many ways to travel round the city for example : Hiring a taxi, renting  a car, or  hiring a motto.

Tamale has more than 52 hotels and guest houses, More than 78 internet cafe's are available for world wide communication.

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