When to Go in Takoradi

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Discover When the Best Times to Visit Takoradi

When planning a visit to Takoradi, when to go is one of the most significant aspects you will need to consider. Most of this thriving sea port city’s major attractions can be enjoyed regardless of the time of year. If you prefer more “comfortable” weather conditions though, peak tourist season may suit you best. The festival of Kundum provides an exciting attraction during this period too and is a spectacle to behold and to take part in. Ultimately, knowing how much sunshine you can take and how dry you prefer to be will determine when you should go to Takoradi.

Takoradi When to Go Climate-Wise

Takoradi enjoys an equatorial climate, so it’s hot all year round. Summers (January to March) tend to be hot, with average maximum temperatures of 31 degrees Celsius. Most rain falls in the slightly cooler autumn months that follow. Winters (July through to September) still average 27 degrees Celsius, and the amount of rain tapers off in this season as well. Plenty of sunshine all year means there is plenty of time to enjoy all the sights and experience the best of this friendly, vibrant culture.

Takoradi When to Go for Peak Season Attractions

Takoradi’s peak tourist season is in winter since most travelers prefer dryer, more temperate conditions to enjoy the area. There is also the believe that the dryer the season, the less the risk of malaria. (It should be noted here that malaria tablets and all vaccinations should be taken when planning to go to Takoradi, whatever time of year you go). Takoradi boasts numerous fantastic beaches just outside the city itself and along the coast. Now-protected rainforest dominates the hinterland. The city itself has a buzzing cultural life, where the marketplace is of central importance, while nightlife is varied. All of these features are there to be enjoyed all year round.

Takoradi When to Go for Festival Fun

The Festival of Kundum falls in the month of August and is a must-see, making this a particularly good time to go to Takoradi. The festival lasts a few weeks, moving westwards every week. The festival celebrates the settling of any familial conflicts, calls on the ancestors to provide good harvest, and involves the lighting of sacred fires on the outskirts of town. Drumming and dancing are prominent features of this festival. Participation of outsiders in the festival is welcomed.

Deciding when to go to Takoradi depends on your own preference of season, although there are peak times which will make the trip that much more memorable, albeit more expensive.

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