Top 5 Must Do's in Takoradi

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The second-largest city in Ghana appears to be a boring industrial town on the surface, but has much to offer to anyone willing to delve deep. Here is a list of Takoradi Must Do’s.

Go on an Eco-trail

With ecotourism becoming trendy and popular in the Western world, it’s no wonder that Ghana has caught on. The Kakum National Park in Takoradi is a wonderful place to start. At a small fee, tourists can enter the park to view the amazing rainforests that are such a large part of Ghana. Now fast-depleting, the National Park promises to keep these beauties for a much longer period. Tree-top walks can be available, with the construction of hanging suspension bridges that go almost 100 feet over the ground above the tree canopies.

Visit the Schools

Strange as it may seem, the schools in Takoradi are a joy to visit, and are open to visitors who make prior arrangements, usually with local guides. Here is where the simplicity and beauty of African life shines through – teachers wandering through the hallways with computers that are at least a decade old, and children eagerly coming up to any tourists bursting to recite the times tables. City life will never be the same again, and take the time to simply appreciate what is so easily taken for granted.

Take a Trip to the Beach

Not strictly located by the ocean, Takoradi has little to offer in terms of the ocean. But a little drive away promises a lot more, with tiny fishing villages that surround the city in its outskirts. Each village promises something different, from the catch to the people and the activities that can be found on each beach. Watch the sunset on the beach as the fishermen keep their nets after a long day at sea, and marvel the magnificence of the golden sun dip behind the horizon in a classic, timeless picture.

Go to a Local Market

What would Africa be without their local markets? The markets of Takoradi are a burst of vibrancy and color, with people seemingly everywhere! These are the markets generally selling the fresh produce for the week, although commonly little trinkets, handicrafts and jewelry can be purchased for that perfect souvenir. The markets are the best place to watch the locals in action – bargaining, talking in native tongues and simply minding their own business as the day goes by.

Taste Local Cuisine

Ghanaian cuisine in its best can be tasted in Takoradi. Experience fine French cuisine with a local twist, at a much lower price compared to back home. Those looking for something different can always head to the outskirts for very fresh seafood, or stay in the local towns to try the street food – everything from deep fried insects to plantain.


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