Things to Do in Takoradi

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Takoradi is the fourth largest city in Ghana, a major tourist destination for the country, and the capital of the Western Region. It serves as a trade and business center of Western Ghana. In Takoradi things to do for the visitor include visiting the beaches, going to Monkey Hill or taking part of the local bazaars. Takoradi is a sister city with Boston and home to the oldest railroad in Ghana.


Takoradi is a coastal town by the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches are surrounding the city are famous. The city is still used as a port and remains an economic stronghold for the country. Busua Pleasure Beach is a popular attraction for many tourists and is close to the city. The area is notable for snorkeling and the restaurants. The seafood is fresh and the visitors enjoy excellent cuisine at reasonable rates. Another beach listed as a must see is the Ankobra Beach that is located next to a resort. This beach is popular among newlyweds as the resort has bungalows for privacy. Ankobra is becoming a desired honeymoon destination for this reason alone.

Monkey Hill Reserve

The Monkey Hill Reserve in Takoradi is one of 15 animal sanctuaries in Ghana and a highly desired stop for eco-tourists. There is no zoo in the Takoradi area or traditional reserve as seen in other parts of Africa so this sanctuary has been rated as the ideal alternative. Monkey Hill is famous for bird watching and observing the different species of monkeys. Located in a neighboring forest, there is a hotel and several cottages for patrons who want to stay overnight.  Monkey Hill was given an award for biodiversity in 2002 and remains a highly regarded area for bio-diversity tours.

Shopping District

Shopping in Takoradi remains a highly rate tourist experience. Unlike Accura that focuses on western shopping, Takoradi storekeepers focus on traditional open air bazaars where artisans sell their goods. Tourists can find exotic handmade goods to bring home. The shopkeepers encourage an authentic African experience for patrons. The biggest and most popular bazaar for tourists is Takoradi Circle. For more adventurous consumers, they can a cab drivers take to them to alley ways not traditionally visited by tourists. 

Takoradi remains one of the largest resort towns in Ghana. The cruise industry has used the town for years to dock. Their passengers have been able to enjoy what Takoradi has to offer for years. As African tourism becomes more popular, Takoradi will be increasingly important.

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