Practical Information in Takoradi

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Takoradi Practical Information can be useful when planning your vacation because it can help you pack for your vacation. However, the practical information can also help you plan your vacation because of the useful information you will be provided with, including any dangers you need to look out for.


The official currency in Takoradi is Cedi, which one Cedi is equal to 100 pesewas. The exchange rate varies, but the US dollar is usually stronger than the Cedi. Look into exchanging your money before you arrive compared to after you arrive to see where you can get the best rates.

Health Insurance

Before visiting Takoradi you will want to get traveler's insurance just in case you need any kind of treatment. You can find medical facilities in all of the major towns in Ghana, but beware that all of the facilities are going to offer substandard service. The service that is offered doesn't even meet international standards. You will want to ensure that the policy you purchase covers emergency evacuation just in case the facilities in Takoradi are not able to treat you. To enter Ghana you will need to have proof of your yellow fever vaccination.


Takoradi is a tropical climate, which means it is hot and humid throughout most of the year. Even though the temperatures are hot and humid all year long, Takoradi still has four seasons and there are two rainy seasons. If you want to avoid the rainy seasons do not visit between March and July or September to October, but March through July has the heaviest amount of rainfall.


When visiting Takoradi you are going to need a passport, especially if you want to get back home after your vacation. In addition to the passport you are also going to need a visa. To get your visa you are going to need to contact the Ghanaian High Commission. The visa is only going to be good for up to three months, but once you have arrived you can apply for as longer visa by visiting the Ghana Immigration Services.


Country Code is +233 and the International access code is 00. No emergency numbers are available in Takoradi, so in case of an emergency you will need to call the embassy at 221 665.

Takoradi is on Greenwich Mean Time.

Electricity in Takoradi is 230V so you will most likely need a converter, especially if you have older appliances that only accept 110V.

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