Hotels in Takoradi

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One of Ghana’s largest cities, the city of Takoradi has roots in the railroad and shipbuilding industry. Reminiscent of an old fishing village or industrial town, Takoradi provides an interesting mix of urban and village life in a little city. Takoradi Hotels are generally quiet and well furnished, and here are some of them.

Beyin Beach Resort

The little village of Beyin is located close to the beach, and the beach resort provides the closest accommodations to the sunshine and waves. The place is clean and well-kept, complete with white sheets and towels in every spacious guest room. Expect a quiet area by the beach, and relax under the shade of coconut palms. Full waitressing service with drinks from the hotel bar is available for those who wish to spend a lazy afternoon on the nearby beach. Room service is available for every room, and the facilities are complete – a sand pit for families with children, table tennis tables and a baby-sitting service. Rooms begin from US$40 a night.

Fantas Folly

Also located near the beach, Fantas Folly provides a more traditional setting for visitors. Bungalow-style houses are available with all the amenities of a house – toilets and private showers, kitchens and sitting rooms. Each room comes complete with tiled flooring and traditionally African printed bed sheets. The restaurant is a good bet for tourists looking to try local food – fresh fish is available from the sea daily, and the menu changes to reflect the catch of the day. Tours are also available for guests at Fantas Folly – anything from a few hours of tour to a chance to see Ghana in its full glory. Private rooms are available from US$25.

Safari Beach Lodge

Located in an isolated part of Takoradi, the Safari Beach Lodge is definitely not a safari of any sort. The lodge is more of a guesthouse-styled hotel. Rooms are constructed out of timber–-another of Takoradi’s main industries. Wooden floor panels are matched by the wooden bed frame, complete with printed bed sheets and a mosquito net over the bed. The French food here is very well-received by tourists who stay in the hotel, and the restaurant has a beautiful sea view. The beach is also a good place for fun – locals can be found fishing in these waters, and during the nesting season, there are sometimes turtles in the sand. Rooms begin at US$50.

Takoradi provides a glimpse into the simplicity and innocence of Ghanaian life and people, and the city is beautiful in its own right. Visit the place and enjoy the warmth of its people and their kind hospitality!

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