Getting Around in Takoradi

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In order not to be annoyed by transportation problems, you need to read this Takoradi getting around article. Takoradi is the liveliest and largest city in Ghana. Tourists can get here by air, bus, railroad, car or taxi to see the beauty of the western region of Ghana.

Car Rental

Once you arrive in Takoradi, you might want to rent a car and drive around. However, you must be in possession of your driving license. You might want to check out car rental agencies like Avis, Europcar and Hertz. These are reputable car rental agencies and you can be sure you will be renting a good car, one that will not break down in the middle of the road.

By Bus

If you don’t want to ride a plane you can take a bus which would lead you to Takoradi. Traveling time would take more than three or more hours. Takoradi has one bus station namely, Intercity STC Coaches. It is just three blocks away from the Market Circle and is found right at the highway road.

By Rail

The most convenient way to travel with no traffic is via a railway. The railway at Accru is connected to the railway of Takoradi. But for now the Accru to Takoradi ride is suspended and you would need to travel from Takoradi to Obuasi, Kumasi and from Kumasi to Takoradi, Obuasi and Koforidua to reach Takoradi.

By Road

You can take a taxi cab to drive you around Takoradi. Most of these taxi cabs can be found at John Sarbah road and Market Circle road. You can also rent a private vehicle to get to some parts of the city. When arriving at Takoradi you should have someone arrange to meet you to avoid being fooled by taxi drivers. If you are taking a car from Kotoka International Airport it would probably take you three or more hours before getting to Takoradi.

Shuttle Bus

You may feel more secure if you have a tour guide with you that would lead you in and around Takoradi. The advantages of having a tour guide are: you would see the important views, the guide would explain histories and events that would make it easy to understand the local culture and secure you from danger.  Aside from this, tour guides have their own shuttle bus or private rides to fetch and drop you off at meeting and drop off points.

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