Festivals in Takoradi

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Takoradi festivals are vibrant celebrations which incorporate the region's heritage and cultural beliefs. Takoradi has magnificent beaches, historical sites and coastal villages. Other sites include castles and Ankasa national Park. Takoradi is the capital of Western Ghana and it is an important industrial and commercial hub. Watching a festival will give you insight into the local culture and give you a chance to participate in local traditions. Festivals also facilitate bonding between people within the local community as well as attracting international tourists.


Kundum happens annually beginning in August and ending in November. It starts in Takoradi lasting a week before moving on so if you miss it in one area you can move to the next..The festival originates from oral legends about a hunter who watched dwarfs dancing and then bought the dwarfs back to his own village. Another legend associated with the festival is a a story about a palm tree which had fruit that was only ripe once a year. When the fruit ripened it marked the beginning of the festival. The festival honors people's ancestors and asks for their guidance and protection. The festival also includes rituals to purify the region. This festival can be regarded as a harvest festival honoring the past while being thankful for the future. During the festival participants set goals for the new year. This festival was adopted by different tribes and there are some variations between areas where this festival is celebrated. Modern celebrations of Kundum include the planning of future projects and plans for fund raising. A feature of this festival is dancing and drumming. This involves wearing colorful costumes and traditional dances. Kundum draws crowds of all ages to enjoy the festivities.

Christmas Festivals

During the Christmas period people dress up in colorful clothes and celebrate. There are masquerades drawing men, women and children who dance in the street accompanied by brass band music. The outfits include masks and clothing in every imaginable color. The dance formations are challenging and the dances provide entertainment for enthusiastic onlookers who line the streets. The performances encourage tourists to visit the region and over the years the masquerades have attracted international attention. Teams have traveled from regions such as Spain to participate in the masquerades and join in with the festivities.

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