Eating Out in Takoradi

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There are many Takoradi restaurants that you can choose from when you are traveling to Ghana and are going to be staying in the city. The town offers many different cuisines and you are sure to find the best ones that suit your tastes.

Northsea Restaurant

The Northsea restaurant is located at the STC Station in Takoradi and offers a variety of dishes including fish platters, pizza, big portions of meals, and a clean and relaxing place to eat. The prices are average and you can enjoy a lot of great food for the price. The restaurant theme is German and Austrian.

Captain Hook Restaurant

The Captain Hook restaurant offers many fish plates to choose from including crayfish, lobsters, prawns, shrimp, and many of the local fish dishes that you can enjoy. The price is average but the portions are large and you can enjoy the German theme to the restaurant. The variety of fish dishes makes the Captain Hook one of the great Takoradi restaurants to choose because of the unique local favorites that are available.

Bocadillos Restaurant

Bocadillos is a restaurant that offers many different types of food, including local foods, pastries, French baguettes, cakes, and there is also a bar area to relax and enjoy the movies. The restaurant is average in price and offers many different tastes to enjoy. There is also plenty of local produce that is used to create the unique dishes available and you can find the prices to be average for the amount of food that you can get.

Paloma Beach Restaurant 

The Paloma Beach restaurant offers a nice place to enjoy the beach area and dine outside. There are many drinks available to choose from and you can enjoy light meals while you enjoy the fresh air and views of the area. There are dishes that are available from many different cultures and foods and produce that is found in the area.

Okorye Tree Restaurant

The Okorye Tree restaurant is part of the Back Star Surf Shop and you can enjoy eating outside on the patio area and right on the beach. It offers many different kinds of cuisine and is average in price. There are fresh cut lobsters, and many other local favorites to enjoy while you enjoy the fresh air and views. The restaurant also allows you to enjoy the other attractions in the area and get in some great shopping while you enjoy the meals that are prepared fresh for you.

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