Day Trips in Takoradi

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Takoradi day trips allow you to visit the most unique places in this city, including seeing the best beaches, meaningful historical sites, and the deep mines of Takoradi, Ghana.


The beach is among the main destinations of many tourists in Takoradi. This city is blessed with beautiful beaches. Some of the beaches that they have are Busua Pleasure Beach, Sports Club Beach, Adjua Beach, Princesstown Beach, and Miamia Beach. Of all these beaches, the Busua Pleasure Beach attracts the most tourists from all over the world. This vast golden beach is safe for the children to swim in. Also, it has available amenities for the guests, such as a bar and restaurant. If you want a new atmosphere, you can visit the Fort Metal Cross in Dixcove, which is less than 10 miles away from the beach.


Takoradi not only has many beautiful beaches, but also lots of historical sites and forts. One of these forts is Fort San Antonio. It is the oldest fort in Takoradi, which was built as a Portuguese trading post in the year 1502. By the year 1514, the fort was devastated by the people of Takoradi, so it was again built for the second time by the Portuguese in 1515. The Dutch took the fort from the Portuguese in the year 1642, and they remodeled the interior composition of the fort. Many nationalities followed to conquer the fort like the English, who conquered it in 1664 and the Dutch, who got it back in 1665. Lastly, it was surrendered to Britain in 1872 and was restored in 1951-56. If you want to visit more forts in Takoradi, you can check out the Groot-Friedrichsburg or Fort Hollandia, Fort St. Sebastian, Fort Metal Cross, and Fort Appolonia.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Mausoleum

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Mausoleum is located at the west of Takoradi, the birthplace of the first president of Ghana, Africa. The first president of Ghana is Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. In this place, a garden and monument is built at the center to mark the specific site of his home.


Your trip to Takoradi is not complete without visiting its gold mines. To visit the famous mines, you must reserve tickets ahead of time because the underground tours are limited to 8-10 people only at a time. During the underground tours, you will be provided with special protective gear to ensure your safety. Some of the goldmines in Takoradi are Tarkwa Goldmines, Prestea Goldmines, and Nsuta Manganese Mines.

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