Beaches in Takoradi

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Takoradi is an ancient seaport and the fourth largest city in Ghana. Takoradi Beaches are a major tourist attraction for Ghana. The city is a coastal town by the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches surrounding the area are pristine.

Busua Pleasure Beach

Busua Pleasure Beach is a popular attraction for many tourists and is close to the city. The area is notable for snorkeling and restaurants. Patrons come from all over the world to indulge in the fresh seafood. The fish are caught locally and are served at the restaurants at reasonable rates. Another feature of this beach is that the visitor can take a boat trip out to some of the surrounding islands. There is an island one kilometer from the beach. More adventurous swimmers can swim out to it. The beach is surrounded forest with trials for hiking. Travelers can take in a hike during their beach day and get an amazing view of the ocean.

Ankobra Beach

Another beach listed as a must see is the Ankobra Beach that is located next to a resort. People looking for the traditional African experience will find it there. Visitors coming Ankobra will see people taking strolls up and down the shore line. People are encouraged to swim at the beach as the water is warm and the currents are not too strong. This beach is popular among newlyweds as the main resort has bungalows for privacy. Ankobra is becoming a desired honeymoon destination for this reason alone. The resort at this location is one of the best in Ghana. The local restaurants offer favorable food at reasonable prices.

Axim Beaches

Axim Beach is 25 km from the city of Takoradi. The beach itself has beautiful white sand beaches and is located by the Ghanaian rainforest. Visitors come to the beach to experience the African way of life. Patrons also indulge in water sports. It is not unusual to see sailors from the cliffs of the beach. The beach has an inland lagoon that people use for private swimming as the ocean in this area can be a little vicious. Axim is also famous for having colonial forts on the shore. Patrons can learn something about Ghana’s history in addition to visiting beautiful beaches and enjoying fabulous food. 

Takoradi beaches have an amazing quality that is uniquely African.

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cape three points

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 Cape Three Points (Atinkyin, the local name) has one of the finest beaches in Ghana. The beach is curved in between and lie in the shadows of the middle and westward capes  of the three capes. it is the south most beach in Ghana and the beach closest to latitude 0, longitude 0. This beach is perhaps the quietest and neatest one can imagine along the coast of Ghana. this is due to the fact that it host the only existing coastal rain forest in west africa. it is about 20km west of takoradi. on top of one of the capes nearby sits an ancient light house that has more..

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adjua beach

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nice beach not far from Takoradi with nice sandy no rocky beach soon there will be a bar openin to serve you nice chilled drinks!!! the name will be YEN ARA YASASSINI BEACH RESORT which means "our own land" will be run by a native rasta!!! have a look and find out..........

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