Bars and Cafes in Takoradi

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Takoradi bars and cafes stand out as the very best in Ghana if not some of the best in the entire continent of Africa. The options range from the genuinely relaxed to the hectic, pumping bustle of late night clubs. The choice is yours.

The Container

Mixing great cuisine with great music, you can eat your evening meal on the balcony at this joint before kicking back to the live and DJ music. An added bonus is the huge plethora of street performers that do their thing just below the balcony. Although the crowd here is mostly Ghanaian, the people will be very friendly and welcoming. You'll get a taste of a how people like to enjoy themselves in this part of the world.

The Hacienda

Suffice to say, this isn't the legendary Manchester venue where the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses cut their teeth but nonetheless ranks as a cool spot in Takoradi bars and cafes where people like to show off and be seen. If you fancy something to eat after a long hard dance or drink then you can enjoy the kebab vendor's delicacies just outside the venue.

The Havana

If you don't mind straying away from the usual drag of bars and cafes then the Havana is probably the place for you - a proper locals' joint serving excellent food and offering superb entertainment. Again, there are street performers to enjoy along with live music reflective of both Ghanaian traditions and foreign styles.

Raybow Hotel

Regarded by many as the best hotel in town, the Raybow also houses a pretty good bar where you can chill out with locals, travelers and expats alike. There is a fine selection of local and international beers, wines and spirits and you can partake of the broad international menu which is served quickly and efficiently. If you do fancy staying at this well-respected hotel, you will get a very comfortable large bed (that could sleep four) in a suite of rooms including a bedroom, kitchen and living room. The furniture is traditionally-painted and includes tribal masks.

The Ultimate Ab

Arguably the best of Takoradi bars and cafes is the Internet-enabled Ultimate Ab. It is located opposite the Pentecostal Church near the traffic lights on the Takoradi Polytechnic Road. Great coffee and snacks are offered as are computer repairs, graphic design, browsing, printing, photocopying, scanning, laminating, binding and upgrades.



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fii' pub

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Cool place to hang out inside the city of takoradi.around mtn and super star can get both local n foreign drinks.pass through and try here.

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