Takoradi Travel Guide

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A section of the Market Circle

A section of the Market Circle

Yaw Asante, Beach Road

Takoradi and Sekondi together form one of the liveliest cities of Ghana. While Sekondi dates back to the 17-th century, Takoradi was just a fishing village when it was chosen to become Ghana's first deep-water seaport. Since then it has boomed. It is a young and vibrant city.

The heart of the city is a sqaure called Market Circle Bus stations, cheap hotels and restaurants are all to be found in this area. Liberation Road, which leads southeast from here takes you to the port area via the Artisan centre - a good place for souvenirs. In the port area you find the post office, the train station as well as banks and department stores.

There is a good beach just 2 km south of the centre, with a golf course and a sports club nearby.

Some of the good hotels in Takoradi where you can stay are: Africa Beach Hotel, Takoradi Beach Hotel, Valley Beach Hotel etc. The "good" area so as to stay and have fun is Beach Road. it has a lot of joints where you will be able to have both fun and food...


You can make use of this Takoradi travel guide to educate yourself about this city before come here on holiday. Takoradi is the capital city of Western Ghana; however, it is popularly known as Sekondi-Takoradi, the “twin city of Ghana.”

Getting in and Around

Once you arrive at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana, you can take any one of these inter-city airlines; Muk Air, Air Link, Fun Air and Golden Airways to get to Takoradi. You and also choose to hire a private car form Kotoka International Airport to get you to Takoradi. This journey will take you three or more hours.

Getting around Takoradi is much easier because you can just take a walk and explore the place. You can also ride the feeder road vehicles or ask your hotel front desk to arrange a private tour. You can also rent a private vehicle to get to the other part of the city.


There are many comfortable and budget friendly hotels around the city center and along the beachfront of Takoradi. However, if you want high-class and luxury accommodations, you can try Stellar Lodge and Raybow International Hotel. Both hotels offer first-class accommodations with modern amenities for about $160 per night.


You might want to visit the Fort Orange Harbor in Takoradi, as well as beautiful and clean beaches. Great beach resorts you can go to are the Takoradi Beach Hotel, Abuesi Beach Resort and Safari Beach Lodge. You can also explore the modern architecture of the Essipong Stadium that houses the Sekondi Hasaacas FC football team. The old regal town of Dixcove and the historical Takoradi European Cemetery are also places worth visiting.

Eating Out

Your journey to Takoradi wouldn’t be complete without venturing out to experience the sumptuous food available at the restaurants around the city center. Ghanaian cuisine is something you wouldn’t want to miss while on holiday here. You can try dishes like Fufu, Chinam and Akple, Banku and Gari Foto. The most popular and highly recommended restaurant in Takoradi is the Northsea Restaurant that serves Ghanaian dishes, as well as great pizzas.

Shopping Galore

The Market Circle is a large shopping destination located right in the heart of Takoradi. The Market Circle is as big as a football stadium and houses different booths and shops that sell almost everything. Here you will find money changers, restaurants and cheap hotels, as well as sellers of electronic gadgets, watches, crafts, dry goods, souvenir items and more; all at reasonable prices.

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