Getting Around in Sunyani

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Ragna Meul

Getting around in Sunyani :

The towncentre of Sunyani is small enough for walking trough, but when you're tired or it is getting late you might wanna take a taxi. In Ghana you have two different ways for taking a taxi, one is the dropping, the other one chartered. In a Chartered taxi you first ask the driver where he's going (it might be that he's already driving other people) and when you have to go in the same direction you can get in for a small price. When you take a dropping, you are taking the taxi for yourself (or the group you're traveling with) and you tell the driver where to go. When you 're taking a dropping inside Sunyani e.g. back to your hotel you should never pay more then 10.000 cedi's. I guess taxi drivers are the same everywhere, so always trying to get more money out of unknowing tourists...

Traveling elsewhere from Sunyani :

Depending how much money you wanna spend and how comfortable your trip should be you can either travel by trotro, taxi or bus.

You can take trotro's at the station in the towncentre (direction Berekum), the wednesday market (direction Kumasi) or Chiraa-station at the back of the market (direction Chiraa, Techiman , Kintampo). When taking a trotro note that all trip you'll be feeling like a sardine in a can, and that your transport will only leave the station once it is completely filled. Sometimes that takes only 30 minutes, but sometimes it will take u half a day.

For traveling in a bit more comfortable way, there are 3 options:

>> When going a bit further (like to Tamale, Wa or Accra) you can choose to take a bus from STC or Kingdom-transport. For these it is the best to reserve some days before you wanna leave (this counts for all STC or Kingdom-busses troughout the country)
Kingdom is based at the wednesdaymarket
STC is located next to the polytechnic (not far from the ringroad roundabout on the way to Kumasi)

>> As alternative for the normal trotro's, some sort of linebusses were introduced. They are bigger the trotro's depart on a timescedule, and are at the moment the cheapest way to get to nearby towns on a safe & rather quick way.
From Sunyani these busses go almost all directions e.g. Berekum, Kintampo, Techiman , Bechem,...
Most of these from India imported busses leave from the former STC-station, accross TASTEC (Twene Amanfo Secondary Technical School)

>> Take a taxi: but this is the most expensive alterative.

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