Sights in Ghana

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There are several interesting Ghana sightsthat you should look into while on your holiday. Ghana is full of culture and entertainment. Ghana is a top destination in Africa and sometimes considered the perfect place for first time visitors to Africa.

Larabanga Mosque

The people of Ghana claim that the Mosque was built in 1421. If the Mosque was built in 1421 that would make it the oldest in the country and maybe even the oldest in West Africa. No-one really knows for sure when the Mosque was really built but it is very old and a beautiful sight to see. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the Mosque but you are able to view the outside of it and take pictures.

Kejetia Market

The Kejetia market is the largest in all of West Africa. You will find traders from all over the region and country at the market. The market is very large and it is easy to get lost in all the different rows. Eventually you will make your way out and while losing your way you will probably stumble upon lots of neat items. Most of the items at the market at not aimed at tourism. However, visiting the market is still worth the trip to give you a good sense of the Ghana culture.

Slave Castles

The Slave Castles is a truly amazing experience. The Slave Castles are in a central location that was used during the slave trade. You will take a guided tour that will show you around the castle. This is a historical site by the United Nations so you will find the grounds to be very well kept.


Ahwiaa isn't known for its beauty or relaxation. Ahwiaa is a place tourist go to by handmade crafts and other traditional items. Shopping in Ahwiaa can be a little overwhelming at first. The shop owners can be very pushy and will yell at you to come visit their shop. Once you enter the shop you will find that the owners are actually very nice. Despite the pushiness Ahwiaa is still a great place to visit and get some shopping done. The initial price you are quoted on the merchandise will be fairly high. You should be prepared to bargain aggressively. You can normally get the price down to almost half the originally asking price.  A lot of the merchants offer similar items so it might be helpful to shop around for the best price.

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