Senior Travel in Ghana

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Senior Travel in Accra, Ghana

Throughout Accra, there are destinations that are peaceful, easy to get to and effortless to maneuver through that are ideal for senior traveling. Experiencing the culture, food and history of this city doesn’t have to be loud and overly exciting; you just need to know where to go.




There are a few accommodations throughout Ghana that are perfect for the elderly traveler. The Mahogany Lodge is small with only 14 rooms, and is situated near the US Embassy as well as the airport. Quiet and catering to all needs, this quaint hotel is clean and very well looked after. A traditional Ghanaian style hotel, the Golden Tulip hosts landscaped gardens, free shuttle service, a piano bar and a restaurant. This all inclusive hotel is also home to a casino for those who want to stay in for a day of gambling. If it is a resort-type stay you are seeking, look no further than the Labadi Beach Hotel. Situated right on the beach, this resort includes amenities such as a hair salon, a health club offering massages, a sauna as well as three restaurants to choose from.




The always popular Makola Market, located in the center of Accra, is a must when visiting the country’s capital. The market is the place to go for locals and tourists alike. You can pick up anything from groceries and clothing to local handicrafts and textiles. A truly diverse experience, the Makola Market is all on one level and is large enough to provide everything yet small enough to ensure you will not get lost.


The National Museum of Ghana is a quiet and educational attraction in which you can choose to explore on your own or partake in a guided tour. The museum is entirely in English which makes it easy to understand and navigate through. Displaying the evolution of this country, the museum exhibits everything from historic artifacts, traditional textiles and tribal masks to Ghanaian art and modern exhibits from foreign embassies. Allow at least a few hours for the tour


Osu Castle is another favored tourist attraction in Accra. Sitting directly on the coastline, Osu Castle, also referred to as “Fort Christiansborg,” has been around for centuries. Being the primary seat for government officials, tourists are not allowed inside the castle, but the surrounding grounds and facilities are perfect for a leisurely afternoon of sightseeing. Amenities provided by the castle staff on the grounds include a shopping center, a café and a post-office. The immense gardens surrounding the castle houses both local and exotic flora and fauna, making it ideal for photography.


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