Internet Cafes in Navrongo

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Derf Networks Internet Cafe

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There is just one internet cafe in town.  It is in the tall building next to the tro tro/taxi park, on the top floor.  Not super fast, but good enough for an email check.  Around $1 US/hr (in cedi, of course).

type:Internet Cafe
World66 rating: [rate it]
price:$1 / hr

CBS Navrongo

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In the chastity business school (CBS) of Navrongo, there is also an Internet Cafe inside, open for everyone. Fast internet, good prices.
It is located next to the chief's palace, behind the market.

type:Internet Cafe
World66 rating:[rate it]
accessibility:fast internet
address:Post Office Box 34
price:1 cedi/hour
hours:07:30 - 19:00
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