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Accommodation in Navrongo

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There are 3 places in town:

1) The guesthouse behind the tro-tro park (Saint Lucian's), which has smaller cell-like rooms for the best prices and with the best location if you want to be in town.

2) Hotel Mayaga, down the road to Tono / Chiana (past Cool Spot), a little bit further from town, has aircon suites for 180,000 cedis/night. Has a nice bar, and food if you ask ahead.  Very nice manager (James). (0742-22327/8)

3) CEDEC Guesthouse, futher from town than the other two.  Right next to the famous mud cathedral.  Definately the nicest of the available options, but a pain to get to without a bike or scooter (unless you don't mind paying for taxis).  Aircon suites (they call them "chalets") for 120,000 cedis.  Has a nice bar and very relaxing garden.  Father Lazarus manages, and is very helpful and friendly.

There is also accommodation near Tono in the ICOUR Guest House. 
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