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fishermen in Yeji

fishermen in Yeji

Ragna Meul

Just a hint: Call it "Volta Lake," not "Lake Volta," or the locals won't know what you're talking about.

Volta lake is the biggest man made lake in the world. It collects water from both the Black & the White Volta river, and is used by VRA for the withdrawal of power (VRA = Volta River Authority, the main electricity company in Ghana) They have a dam in Akosombo witch you can also visit.

Beneath the water lays what once was a part of the rainforest, and the eldest university of Ghana (wich is offcourse not used anymore...)

If you wish to travel across you can do so between Akosombo and Yeji in sometimes 12, sometimes 24h time. On the boat you have a choice in 3 classes:
>> 1st class:
mainly obroni's travel this way, you get a hut with beds to spend the night.
>> 2nd class:
both obroni's and richer Ghanaians travel this class, you'll have place on a bench at a table.
>> 3rd class:
used by most Ghanaians, goods, and trotro's. This class has a most African atmosphere, you'll sit on the ground or on the goods that are transported. Marketwoman are selling there goods here, anything you want to buy or eat might be found somewhere (streetfood)

In 1st and 2nd class there is a possibility to buy food from the boat restaurant.


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