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Accommodation in Kokrobite

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Barbara's Village - Langma

Barbara's Village, managed by european lady Barbara and her team of young locals, used to be caled Highlife Village, until people started calling it after Mrs. Barbara. She is somekind of local celebrity, popular with locals and tourists.

Barbara cooks great homemade meals (from 2$), especially sea-food.

You can stay in traditional round african cottages (from 15$), enjoy open bar, movie nights, concerts, dorm (from 4$), pick-up and delivery to the airport. 100m from the beach, the village's dormitory and restaurant offer great view to the sea.

It's a secluded place with absolutelly positive atmosphere for the traveller!

Check the webpage for details - www.barbarasvillage.com

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September 22, 2005 change by giorgio

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La Fleur Ghana Beach Lodge

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La Fleur Ghana Beach Lodge in Central Region, Ghana offers standard room and deluxe with air-conditioning, balcony and complimentary half-board meals. Its facilities and services include a restaurant, swimming pool, room and massage service. Its location has a close proximity within the country's popular sites, namely Cape Coast Castle, Fort St. Jago and Mankessim Posuban Shrine.

type:Middle Class
World66 rating:[rate it]
address:La Fleur Beach Lodge Ghana Langma, Central Region, Ghana