When to Go in Accra

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With weather characterized as hot and humid all year long, any time is a good time to visit Accra. The high season for tourists is typically during the summer months of June to August, as they coincide with many international visitors’ vacations.

Weather Conditions in Accra

September through December brings very few tourists, however you will also most likely experience rain during this time. Although even with two rainy seasons throughout the year, there is still an average of at least 5 hours of sunshine a day. Average temperatures in Accra are in the 75 degrees to 90 degrees range throughout the year.

The first rainy season begins in March and ends around May or June, while the second one takes place in September and October. The rain during these times is generally relatively short and characterized by thunderstorms. Though the duration of actual raining is often short, these storms can be extremely powerful and can create flooding so it is best to be cautious.

In December or January a dry wind blows off the Sahara desert and through the Gulf of Guinea that creates huge amounts of dust lingering in the air. This can create conditions that are similar to a heavy fog for a period of several days, where visibility is limited and dust is everywhere, giving rise to allergies and asthma for certain visitors. Plan accordingly if you are prone to breathing difficulties and if you are visiting during this period, be sure to bring a good lotion and lip balm.

Festivals & Events in Accra

The Homowo Festival is one of the biggest in Accra. A traditional harvest festival, Homowo is a jubilant celebration that takes place after a one-month ban on noise making. Here the Ga people perform a series of rituals for spiritual protection and harvest bounty and process through the streets with drumming and dancing. Relying on the harvest as an indicator to begin the festival, Homowo takes place sometime in August or September.

There are numerous public holidays throughout the year in Accra including New Years, Christmas, Africa Day, Easter, End of Ramadan and Republic Day. During these times, public offices and many services will be closed so be sure to plan accordingly.

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